EKI's FAMOUS Jewelry + Performing Arts A Lifetime

Eki's Famous (Joy is Famous) is a jewelry company that is renowned, celebrated and inspiring, with it's one of a kind look, each piece is inspired by people and daily life's occurrences. Our custom made jewelry consisting of necklaces, rings, and bracelets for both women and men. Our Jewelry is made with fine fabrics, beads, stones, and other materials.

In 2011, Ekiuwa also launched Eki’s Famous Performing Arts Dance Classes, a fusion mix dance class for Children and now Adults ages 3-and up. This division of Eki’s Famous, LLC caters specifically to developing the youth and adults, through movement, with skills they can apply in every area of their life. The goal of Eki’s Famous Performing Arts Classes is to motivate people to express themselves,
to be unique, and to follow their dreams through movements.
Me and @neffie814  #famously (Taken with Instagram)

Me and @neffie814 #famously (Taken with Instagram)